Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Artisan Chocolate and Wine

Looking for the best Valentine’s Day gift? We’re delighted to share ideas and inspiration. Obviously attention and affection is what matters most, but we believe that the perfect gift should be just as unique as your love – something you can’t find just anywhere.

That’s why we’ve sourced artisan chocolates, liqueurs and wines directly from boutique producers in Italy and Scotland. And, since these exclusive items can be delivered next day to Mainland UK, there’s no need to panic-buy your gift at the 24 hour supermarket.

To really personalise your present, we have the option to include a personalised card. When you reach the checkout, choose the option to add a free Gift Card and type out your custom message. With free Gift Wrapping as well, your Valentine’s Day gift will really stand out.

Wine and Chocolate Gifts

Artisan Trentino Pralines and Amaretto Liqueur made from real almonds (as feafured in Forbes)

Named by Forbes as one of “the best Artisan Chocolates from Around the World”

Hand-made pralines by the maître chocolatier of Villa de Varda are a delicious, boozy gift from an artisan grappa distillery in the Dolomite Alps. The pralines have a dark chocolate shell and are filled with a delicate and soft Grappa Riserva Triè-infused cream. They recommend enjoying them with a bottle of their smooth Amaretto liqueur, available as a set.

Taste of Piemonte Gift Set: Demarie Barolo 2016 and Hazelnut Chocolate Creme

UK-exclusive: delight your friends and loved ones with two signature products from Piemonte, an award-winning Barolo 2016 and a hazelnut chocolate creme, “Crema di Nocciola” from Alta Langa

This fine gift set includes two UK-exclusive products. The first is a bottle of Decanter medal-winning Barolo 2016 by Paolo Demarie. The second is a 250 gram jar of “Crema di Nocciola” – hazelnut and chocolate paste, an authentic Piemonte delicacy.

Berries and cream: Rosso di Montalcino & Velvet Truffles® Gift Set

Delight someone special to you with this exclusive gift set, featuring a bottle of Rosso di Montalcino wine paired with a box of Highland Chocolatier Velvet Truffles® (RRP £33.95).

This fine gift set includes two UK-exclusive products. The first is a bottle of Decanter This fruity red wine boasts zingy flavours of redcurrant, dried cherries and rich chocolate. These are drawn out by the curated truffle selection which variously features notes of cracked black pepper, heather honey and rose.

Citrus and Spice: Gewürztraminer & Velvet Truffles® Gift Set

Treat your loved ones or friends to an award-winning combination of aromatic Gewürztraminer Riserva wine paired with a box of Highland Chocolatier Velvet Truffles® (RRP £33.95).

The white wine’s enticing aromas of grapefruit peel, candied orange and honey are emphasised by the truffle selection, which includes notes of zingy lime, chilli spice and smooth caramel to create the perfect match.

Strawberry and Mint: Pinot Noir & Velvet Truffles® Gift Set

Show your love and appreciation for your friends and loved ones with this elegant Pinot Noir Riserva wine paired with a box of Highland Chocolatier Velvet Truffles® (RRP £33.95).

This fresh red wine has flavours of wild strawberry, mint and forest floor, all of which are accentuated by the curated truffle selection. The perfectly chosen chocolates include flavours like warming Chai, refreshing mint and zesty blackcurrant to draw out the best in the Pinot Noir.

Wines for St Valentine’s Day dinner

If you are planning a St Valentine’s Day dinner at home for yourself and your sweetheart, but aren’t sure which wine to serve, we have a few suggestions.

Start your meal in style by popping open some bright bubbly, such as Ca’ di Rajo Pink Prosecco. Its pale blush colour instantly evokes ideas of romance, as do the flavours of strawberries and rose petals. Forbes said that this wine is “like springtime in a glass.” What better way to kick off the season of love?

Take the pink passion a little further with our next suggestion – Feudi di Guagnano Rosarò. This deeply coloured rosato wine is made from old vine Negroamaro grapes. Bright coral in colour, it has a lush fruity flavour with plenty of fresh raspberry and cranberry. A hint of sea salt gives it a savoury twist. Close your eyes, and you’ll feel like you’re having an al-fresco dinner on the Italian coast. Does it get any more romantic?

If you’re planning on serving white wine this Valentine’s Day, give Le Morette Riserva a try. This lavish wine from Lake Garda is elegant, complex and fresh – just like the best love affairs. Its flavours of cantaloupe, banana and honey will pair well with rich dishes as well as light salads. This is a truly special bottle of wine, only made in the best years. In this case, it’s 2017 – perfect if that’s a milestone year in your relationship.

We couldn’t write a list of Valentine’s Day wines without mentioning a red. Whether you’re serving steak or just want a big glass of something dark and velvety, Villa Pinciana Terraria is a top choice. This 2013 vintage is a Decanter Platinum medal-winning wine, so definitely worthy of a special occasion. With flavours of blueberry muffin, kirsch, rosemary and subtle sea salt, this complex wine is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Wines for St Valentine’s Day dessert

Chocolate and romance go hand in hand, and have done since the days of the ancient Mesoamericans. Naturally, a chocolate dessert is the best direction on Valentine’s Day – and we’ve got some recommendation for wines that pair perfectly with chocolate desserts.

Whether you’re serving chocolate brownie, or chocolate truffle cake, your safest – and totally delicious – bet is sweet wine. And in the sweet wine department, nothing beats passito Moscato wine, made from partially dried grapes. Alternatively, you may want to choose a deep and powerful red wine with enough body and flavour to stand up to the rich bitterness of dark chocolate.

If you’re shunning chocolate and serving a fruity dessert instead, our best recommendation is Pinot Nero Riserva. Well-made Pinot Nero wine bursts with fresh red fruits, such as strawberry and raspberry, and sweet spices. But when Pinot Nero wine is aged in an oak barrel to become a Riserva, it gains pleasant depth, becoming a respectable partner for sweet desserts.

Choose from these recommendations to end your Valentine’s meal on a special note.

Thank you for visiting Independent Wine. We wish you a wonderful St Valentine’s Day!