Malbec wine

Malbec grapes on the vine, Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina's flagship red wine, Malbec, is a true crowd-pleaser. Inky dark and full of tannins, it's big, bold and the perfect companion for red meat.

While Malbec is most famously associated with the mountains of Argentina, it also has a strong history in southwest France. It's rarely sold as a single varietal here, but is the main grape in Cahors AOC wine. It's also used in some Bordeaux and Loire Valley blends to lend characteristic ripe plum sweetness. Finally, the French use this grape – which they call Côt – to make fruity and refreshing rosé.

We stock a selection of high-quality Malbecs from Argentina, including bottles from Susana Balbo - one of Argentina's most celebrated winemakers.

What does it taste like? Juicy and fruit-forward, Malbec tastes of dark fruits with plenty of ripe plum, black cherry and blackberries. Aromas of chocolate add to the rich flavour.

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