Wines of Lombardia

Italy's richest region, Lombardy (or Lombardia in Italian), has the Alps in the north and the banks of Lake Garda in the west. Although there are 22 DOC and five DOCG areas in Lombardy, most of the wine grown there is for local consumption. The region's most noble wine is Franciacorta - a DOCG sparkling wine made in the traditional method. This is why some people refer to it as Italy's answer to Champagne.

Franciacorta wines have to spend a minimum of 18 months on the lees – this rises to 30 months for vintage wines, and 5 years for Riserva wines. Sophisticated and elegant, Franciacorta often has notes of light citrus like lemon combined with the flavours from its lees and bottle aging – toasted nuts, brioche and dried fruit.

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