Wines of Puglia

Puglia is most famous for two bold reds which have a huge following in the UK. These are Primitivo, more famously known by its American name Zinfandel, and the native grape Negroamaro. Some winemakers can work wonders with these grapes, creating rich wines with aromas of blackberry, black plum, coffee and vanilla.

Dark and rich Primitivo wines are usually made from grapes grown in the centre of Puglia, between Bari and Matera. Negroamaro has been grown in Puglia for at least 1,500 years, and its name translates as "black and bitter". The best examples come from the Salento Peninsula, particularly the Salice Salentino DOC.

What does Primitivo taste like? These inky wines have a rich and ripe taste, packed with tannins and alcohol for a really powerful punch. Expect flavours of black fruit compote and aromas of leather, blueberries and fig.

What does Negroamaro taste like? Dark and savoury, Negroamaro combines flavours of ripe black fruit with spicy and herbal notes of clove, cinnamon and thyme.

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