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Alto Adige DOC

Alto Adige DOC is in the northernmost part of Italy, where German is the main language. It is home to Europe's highest vineyards sitting as high as 1,100 metres. These high altitudes help to preserve high acidity in the grape, resulting in cold-climate Italian wines with an unmatched taste.

This country produces award-winning red wines, such as Lagrein - dark, lean, crisp and sharp. Pinot Noir, the classic grape of Burgundy, has also found a new home in the high vineyards of Alto Adige. It is used to make delicate wines with aromas of red-fruits and flavours of vanilla and spice from ageing in oak.

Alto Adige is equally famous for its refreshing white wines, including beautifully perfumed and aromatic Gewürztraminer and Weißburgunder - or Pinot Blanc.

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K.Martini & Sohn, Paladium 2017 | Pinot Noir | Alto Adige DOC


K. Martini Maturum Lagrein Riserva 2018 | Alto Adige DOC | Decanter Best in Show 2020


K.Martini & Sohn, Paladium Gewürztraminer 2019 | Alto Adige DOC


K. Martini Maturum Chardonnay 2017 | Alto Adige DOC | Decanter Bronze Medal


K.Martini & Sohn, Alte Reben Weißburgunder | Alto Adige DOC | Pinot Bianco


Kurtatsch Brenntal Merlot Riserva 2017 | Alto Adige DOC


Kurtatsch Ushas 2017 | Moscato Rosé | Dessert Wine | Half-bottle


Kurtatsch Aruna 2016 | Passito Gewurztraminer and Moscato | Dessert Wine | Half-bottle


Kurtatsch Penóner Pinot Grigio 2018 | Alto Adige DOC


Kurtatsch Brenntal Gewurztraminer Riserva 2017 | Alto Adige DOC


Kurtatsch Glen | Pinot Noir Riserva 2017 | Alto Adige DOC


Kurtatsch Soma 2017 | Merlot Cabernet | Alto Adige DOC


Kurtatsch Mazon Pinot Noir Riserva 2016 | Alto Adige DOC


Peter Zemmer | Pinot Noir Riserva Vigna Kofl 2017 | Alto Adige DOC


Peter Zemmer | Pinot Grigio Riserva Giatl 2017 | Alto Adige DOC