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Recoleta Criolla Grande 2019 | Mendoza Argentina

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The red Recoleta is a young Argentinian dry red wine, very fruity, refreshing and fun to drink – brings up memories of sun, holidays on the beach and sounds of music. The red Recoleta feels rather light on the palate thanks to the mouth-watering acidity, balanced with just right level of sugars. It is packed with aromas of red fruits: red cherry, strawberry and raspberry, and a bit of spice. Definitely not a complex wine, the Recoleta is designed for casual drinking with friends or to brighten the mood after a hard day at work.


Geographical Indication


Still Dry Red Wine






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Grape: 100% Criolla Grande

Vineyard location: El Mirador, Rivadavia, Mendoza. 700 meters above sea level

Winemaker: Mauricio Lorca

Harvest: hand harvested in 18 kg boxes, second and third week of March

Maturation and fermentation: In stainless steel tanks, from 10 to 12 days at 22 °C maximum. No malolactic fermentation

Analytical data

ABV: 13.6% vol

Total acidity: 4.46 g/l

Residual sugars: 1.55 g/l

pH: 3.60

Tasting Notes

Appearance: pale ruby colour

Nose: medium intensity, aromas of spice and red fruits such as red cherry, raspberry, strawberry.

Palate: Dry wine, with high acidity and low tannins, medium alcohol and body. Pleasant medium flavour intensity, aromas of red fruit: strawberry, red cherry, raspberry. Balanced, with a short finish.

Verdict: “Good” (balanced, short finish, flavour intensity is fruity and pleasant, not complex)







Useful tips

Pairings: Try it with slightly spicy dishes, risotto or chicken.

Serving temperature: Lightly chilled, 10-13 ° C

Storage: In a cool place, away from direct sunlight, bright artificial light or heat sources

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