Corporate Wine Gifts

How to choose the best corporate wine gift

A carefully chosen bottle of premium wine is the perfect way to show your appreciation for a valuable client, business partner or employee. But what makes an exceptional corporate wine gift? Firstly, the wine should be from a highly respected designation of origin – such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Amarone or Brunello. It should also be exclusive, i.e. not something they can easily find in a supermarket or corner wine shop. Finally, it should be of excellent and proven quality.

Often, the best corporate wine gifts come from boutique wineries. They tick all the above boxes. They produce small volumes of top-quality wines, and win medals at international competitions proving their high status.

But how does one pick the right wine? As specialists in premium Italian wine, we can help. We’re often asked to advise our clients on the best wine gifts. Simply contact us for a personalised recommendation and a quote.

Wine gift set, bottle of Italian red wine Massimago Amarone Della Valpolicella DOCG 2015 and wooden gift presentation box

Case study

Skyrora is a rocket company from Edinburgh that designs, manufactures and deploys rockets to clear the way for small satellite manufacturers looking to access Space.

Skyrora approached Independent Wine to send memorable gifts to their business partners. We worked closely with Skyrora’s marketing team, and hand-picked a selection of UK-exclusive wines.

We gift-wrapped all bottles, and sent them with personalised “Best Wishes” cards. Finally, we tracked every delivery to make sure everyone got their gift on time.

Static file test of Skyrora Skylark-L sub-orbital rocket, Scotland UK

Premium gift wrapping and green packaging

First impressions count. For the best reaction, your gift should be presented really well. That’s why we wrap each bottle of wine in premium tissue paper.

Our heavy-duty postage boxes are specifically engineered for wine, so each bottle is protected during transit. And, thanks to the appealing red and white colours, our boxes stand out from the crowd of usual grey cartons.

We don’t use any plastic bags or bubble-wrap. All of our packaging is fully recyclable to minimise impact on the environment.

Bottles of wine in gift wrapping, Castello di Radda, box of wine and best wishes card


Need some inspiration? We think these bottles make excellent wine gifts. Of course, you can pick any wine from our catalogue to send. Or simply speak to us: we’re always happy to make personalised recommendations based on your budget and taste.

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