Arneis wine

Arneis white grape in Roero, Piedmont in Italy

Roero white wines are made from the local grape Arneis – a name that loosely translates as "little rascal" because it is so hard to grow. Deliciously sharp and refreshing, the mouth-watering white wine from the Piedmontese region of Roero were made for warm evenings on the patio. While it's little known outside of Italy, Roero is in one of Italy's best grape-growing areas. In fact it's just on the other side of the Tanaro River from Langhe, where the iconic Barolo and Barbaresco are made.

What does Arneis wine taste like? With its aromas of blossom, fresh pear, apricots and a hint of hazelnut, Arneis goes well on its own or alongside light summer dishes. It's the perfect partner for garlicky seafood spaghetti, platters of roasted vegetables and light summer salads.

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