Rosé wines

Valsellera Nebbiolo Rose ageing on the lees

Fruity, crisp and juicy, nothing says "summer" like rosé wine. Our collection includes bottles of blush that you'll be happy to drink all year round. While the flavour depends on the grapes used, rosé wines are known for their flavour of red fruits: especially strawberry and raspberry.

Rosé wine is made from black grapes that are given a little time on the skins – usually from two to twenty hours. Unlike in red wine making, the skins are discarded before fermentation so that only a subtle touch of colour makes it into the final wine.

Our range of fine rosé wines are made from some of the world's best-loved red grapes. Expect the likes of blush Nebbiolo from Italy and pink Malbec from Argentina. We also stock some sparkling rosé wines that are made in the traditional method – the same way as Champagne. They're an ideal choice for any celebration.

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