Nebbiolo wine

Harvest of Nebbiolo grapes in the Barbaresco DOCG winemaking area, Piedmont, Italy

Nebbiolo is one of Italy's best red grape varieties, and is used to make some of the finest wines in the world. You'll find the best expressions of it in Piedmont – where it's used to make the "king of wines", Barolo DOCG and the slightly tamer Barbaresco DOCG. In the neighbouring area of Roero, where the soils contain more sand, Nebbiolo is used to make more fruity and mellow Roero DOCG.

Nebbiolo's is packed with tannins, so premium Nebbiolo wines are aged for a long time before release to soften them. For example Barolo needs to be aged for 3 years after harvest (with at least 18 months in oak), while the higher quality Barolo Riserva needs to be aged for 5 years. Once it's in the bottle, it can age for twenty years or more in a cellar. 

What does it taste like? Nebbiolo has a truly unique flavour profile, which some describe as "tar and roses". It's highly aromatic and combines notes of dried rose, smoke, leather, dark fruits and liquorice.

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