Sparkling Nebbiolo wine

Valsellera Nebbiolo Rose ageing on the lees

Fizz fans who fancy something different should try sparkling Nebbiolo wine. A signature grape of Piedmont, Nebbiolo is most often used to make the legendary reds Barolo and Barbaresco. Its sparkling version is a true contrast to these powerhouses: refreshing with just a hint of pink colour.

Sparkling Nebbiolo is made using the classic method, so it's more similar to Champagne than Prosecco. The grapes only spend a few hours with their skins, picking up a slight nuance of the grape's powerful flavour and colour. It ages on its lees in the cellar for three years to develop complex notes of toasted bread and vanilla.

What does sparkling Nebbiolo taste like? Fruity and light, it tastes of raspberry and wild strawberry with subtle tones of vanilla and toasted bread. Though it's made from powerful Nebbiolo, it is fresh and dry on the palate, with a delicate mousse of tiny bubbles.

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