Super Tuscan wines

Vineyards in Tuscany, Italy

Once a daring venture by experimental producers, Super Tuscan wines are now considered to be some of the region's best. They're made from indigenous Sangiovese grapes blended with international varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The latter grapes weren't originally allowed under Tuscany's strict appellation laws, so the first Super Tuscans were labelled as humble Vino de Tavola (table wine). Nowadays you can find Super Tuscans labelled as IGT – a designation introduced specifically for these rebellious wines in 1992.

Two of the first to grab attention during the 1970's were Sassicaia and Tignanello. Today, there are far more Super Tuscans around. At Independent Wine, you'll find excellent examples that have won critical acclaim from top experts.

What does Super Tuscan wine taste like? It all depends on the grapes used, as each will contribute its own flavour and depth to the wine. Generally speaking, they are high-quality, comforting wines – often with rich aromas of black cherry, leather and cocoa.

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