Franciacorta sparkling wine

Sparkling wine pouring in the glass

Franciacorta is a high-quality DOCG sparkling wine produced in Lombardia in northern Italy. Unlike Prosecco, which is fermented in stainless steel tanks, Franciacorta is made in the traditional method. This is also used to make Champagne in France. That's not the only similarity between the two bubblies. Franciacorta and Champagne are both mainly made from the same grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Franciacorta also includes Pinot Bianco and the indigenous grape Erbamat in its blend.

The wine laws of Franciacorta DOCG specify that the wine has to age on its lees in bottle for at least 18 months, but premium examples are often matured for up to three years. Such long ageing creates bone-dry sparkling wines with crisp acidity and complex flavours.

What does Franciacorta taste like? Sophisticated and elegant, Franciacorta combines notes of light lemon with flavours of toasted nuts, brioche and dried fruit which develop during its ageing.

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