Primitivo (Zinfandel) wine

Farmer harvesting Primitivo grapes in Puglia, south-east Italy

Dark and rich Primitivo wines (also known under their American name Zinfandel) are usually made from grapes grown in the centre of Puglia in south-east Italy, between Bari and Matera.

This grape produces wines with rich and powerful character. Even inexpensive Italian Primitivo has an intense and fresh taste of black fruits, although you may need to pay much more to find the same level of quality in a New World "Zin". The main difference is that the Italian Primitivo grape has high acidity, and ages really well in the bottle developing a deep and complex flavour.

What does Primitivo taste like? These inky wines have a rich and ripe taste, packed with tannins and alcohol for a really powerful punch. Expect flavours of black fruit compote and aromas of leather, blueberries and fig.

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