Gewürztraminer wine

Gewurztraminer grapes on the vine, in Kurtatsch cru in Alto Adige, Italy

Fans of tropical fruity flavours are likely to enjoy Gewürztraminer from the Alpine vineyards in Alto-Adige. It bursts with notes of lychee and guava, making it more similar to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc than mass-market Pinot Grigio. If you're up for trying something new, you're in for a treat.

The grapes are grown in Europe's highest vineyards, nestled high in the Alps as far as 1,000 metres above sea level. This region of Italy is German-speaking, sitting in the north-eastern corner of the country next to Austria. The high altitude nights are very chilly, helping to keep acid in the grapes for incredible freshness. During the day the sun soaks the slopes and helps the grapes to ripen and develop delightful fruity flavours.

What does Italian Gewürztraminer taste like? It's surprisingly tropical. Expect to taste lychee, passion fruit, guava and melon. Some examples have undertones of biscuit and sweet caramel.

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