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Italy’s artisan distilleries produce delicious, high-quality grappa and liqueurs such as Amaretto. Made in small batches with utmost attention to detail, these products have nothing in common with rough, mass-produced spirits.

Grappa is produced by distillation from pomace – the grape skins that remain from the winemaking process. Top-quality grappa conveys the natural flavour of the grapes. For this, it must be distilled only from fresh, lightly-pressed grapes, which are still wet when production starts. The best grappa is aged for 3-5 years in cherry, acacia or oak wood casks. Only new wood can be used. The result is “sipping grappa” with a dark amber hue and delightful, complex flavours. In contrast, mass-produced grappa is made from frozen hard-pressed left over grape skins from large wineries – that’s not something we’ll ever work with.

High-quality Amaretto liqueur must be produced from real almond skins, unlike high-volume liqueur that’s often made from apricot or peach kernels. We offer premium Amaretto made from almonds foraged in the national parks of Trentino, under the authorisation of the Italian Government.

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