Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG wine

Appassimento - drying of Corvina grapes for Amarone wine

Amarone della Valpolicella is one of Italy’s most unique wines. It offers tastes of candied strawberry, raisins, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Amarone wine is made from the native grapes of Veneto – Corvina, Corninone and Rondinella – using the appassimento process. Grapes are dried for three to four months in fruttaio (indoor drying lofts). As the water evaporates, the berries lose up to 30% of their mass while sugars, acids and flavours become much more concentrated.

Amarone was originally part of the Valpolicella DOC. In 2010 it was upgraded to the DOCG – the highest level of quality. Each batch of wine is tested by an accredited laboratory before bottling. The most traditional Amarone is produced in the Valpolicella Classico area, close to Lake Garda, which provides a cooling influence within the vineyards. In 1968, the Amarone production area was expanded to include Valpantena and Valpolicella Orientale, where the microclimate is affected by winds from the Lessini Mountains (the Venetian Prealps).

We are proud to offer UK-exclusive, medal-winning Amarone wine from the Classico area, as well as award-winners from Valpolicella Orientale. If you want to learn more about Amarone wine and its history, visit our guide.

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