Wines of Roero, Piedmont

Hills with Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes, Roero DOCG winemaking area, Piedmont, Italy

Roero is a DOCG region in Piemonte. Set on sandy hills on the left bank of the River Tanaro, which separates it from the famous Langhe, Roero is becoming one of Italy's most important wine-growing areas.

The major red grape in Roero is Nebbiolo. It tends to be softer than the version produced just across the river in Barolo and Barbaresco. As a result, it requires less ageing: DOCG rules only require it to age for 20 months, with at least six in wooden barrels. The more prestigious Riserva needs to spend at least 32 months ageing, again with six in wood. It's a wine that definitely deserves more attention.

White wine from Roero is made from the local variety, Arneis. This hard-to-grow grape is sharp, refreshing and aromatic with flavours of blossom, apricots, fresh pear and hazelnut. It's also used to create spumante sparkling wine.

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