Italian Riesling wine

Vineyard in Alto Adige DOC, South Tyrol, Italy

Riesling is one of the world's most famous aromatic grapes. It's the most widely-planted grape in Germany, and the most important noble grape of Alsace in France. In Italy, Riesling wine is mostly produced in Alto Adige – the German-speaking region that's also known as Südtirol.

What's the difference between German and Italian Riesling? In Germany, the grapes are grown at the very limit of where wine can be grown, at a latitude of 50° degrees north. Because of that, the German Kabinett Riesling is austere with tart flavours of citrus and green apple. In Italy, thanks to the southern sun, Riesling takes on a riper flavour. It tends to taste like wild flowers (elderflower and honeysuckle) and tropical fruits like lychee or melon.

In the best vineyards of Alto Adige, Riesling is grown at a high altitudes where the cold Alpine nights help the grapes to keep their zingy acidity.

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