Sauvignon Blanc wine

Bunch of yellowish very ripe Sauvignon Blanc grapes on the vine

One of the world's most popular white grapes, Sauvignon Blanc is renowned for its zingy and aromatic flavour. Although it's originally from France, it's the New Zealand version that has seen the grape soar in popularity over the past decade. However, unlike the fresh and fruity Kiwi version, Italian Sauvignon Blanc is usually aged in bottle where it develops complex flavours.

In Italy, Sauvignon Blanc is simply known as Sauvignon. It's been grown in the northeast of the country since the 18th Century. Alto Adige and Emilia-Romagna are two of its most historic regions. It's also grown in Piedmont, particularly Langhe where it's used to make varietal wines or blended with Arneis and Chardonnay. As Sauvignon Blanc has grown in popularity, growers in central and southern Italy have started experimenting with the grape.

What does it taste like? Sauvignon Blanc typically tastes of passion fruit, gooseberries, lime and green apple. It can sometimes have slightly herbal notes like cut grass and asparagus.

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