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Villa de Varda | Grappa di Amarone Stravecchia Alta Selezione | Barrique-aged grappa

Villa de Varda | Grappa di Amarone Stravecchia Alta Selezione | Barrique-aged grappa


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Barrique Grappa

Grappa di Amarone Stravecchia Alta Selezione is made from freshly pressed Amarone grapes and aged for five years in oak, acacia and cherry wood barriques

A truly exceptional spirit, this Grappa di Amarone Stravecchia comes from Villa de Varda’s Alta Selezione ( top selection) line. It’s produced by a small family-owned distillery in Trentino, at the feet of the Dolomite Alps.


This Grappa di Amarone Stravecchia is truly unique because the Dolzan family have their own vineyard, producing all the grapes they need. So, immediately after harvesting, they press the grapes and use the fresh pomace to distil this grappa.

The freshness of the pomace is captured in the taste of the grappa, and is what makes it so special.  After distillation, the grappa is crystal-clear and at distillation strength. It’s diluted to 40% using fresh water from the Dolomite Alps glaciers, and put into wood barriques for ageing.

Stravecchia means “extra-old”. Practically, it means that this Grappa Stravechia will spend five years in casks made of three woods: oak, acacia, and cherry. Each cask is made exclusively and according to the Dolzan family’s specifications.

By using three types of wood, master distiller Mauro Dolzan is able to introduce a wide range of complex flavours to the spirit. The Dolzan family doesn’t disclose what percentage of grappa goes into each type of wood; it’s one of their secrets.

Tasting notes

Each glass of this Grappa Stravecchia offers subtle flavours of the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes used to make Amarone wine, distilled and enhanced through a prolonged ageing process. In the glass, this grappa has a translucent amber colour. It offers tastes of caramelised grapefruit peel, dark-roasted espresso and hazelnuts, supported by notes of coconut and chocolate. It has a long-lasting finish.

Mahogany wood gift box

This Grappa di Amarone Stravecchia comes in an individual mahogany wood gift box, crafted by the Villa di Varda distillery. It makes the perfect gift for grappa connoisseurs, or fans of other wood-aged spirits like whisky and bourbon who may want to try something a little bit different.

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