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Gagliole Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gagliole Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Deep emerald in colour, this extra virgin olive oil is exquisitely aromatic with a touch of bitterness.

In 2021, we visited 18 wineries across Italy looking for the perfect artisan olive oil. Gagliole’s is one of the few we picked. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by the Gagliole winery at their age-old mountainside estate in Castellina. It’s full of fresh herbaceous aromas, has a dense texture and the eye-catching colour is absolutely enchanting.

The quality of olive oil is defined by its acidity; the lower the better. Gagliole Extra Virgin Olive oil has very low acidity, well below the legal limit. It’s perfect for drizzling over salads and fresh ciabatta as an easy accompaniment for fine wine and nibbles.

How it’s made

The oil is made from Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo olives from trees grown on terraces around the mountain near Castellina in Chianti (pictured). This style of planting olive trees is traditional to the Chianti Classico region – the olives’ strong roots protect the land from erosion, and it’s a more sustainable way. We’re happy to see Gagliole decided to keep it that way, rather than switching to the modern large-scale style of planting we often see elsewhere.

The olives are harvested by hand in November. Immediately afterwards, they are pressed right in the middle of the estate and the oil is bottled.

Cosimo Soderi, who works at Gagliole, showed us the press and explained to us that they keep old traditions alive to this day. When it’s harvest time, they call in retired people who used to work for Gagliole. The old men and women harvest the olives, and they get paid not with money, but with freshly-pressed oil. Olive oil is a staple of the Italian diet, but it’s quite pricey, and retired people would find it hard to afford it otherwise. This supply may well get their families through the winter.

Tasting Notes

Gagliole Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a deep emerald colour. It’s packed with aromas of rosemary, basil leaf, pine needles and notes of saltiness and minerality. In the mouth, it offers a delicate taste with a touch of zesty bitterness – the signature of fine Tuscan oil.

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